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Mountain Xpress blogger Alli Marshall is helping people follow the progress of Gorilla With a Mustache producers Katie Damien and Lela Winton as they represent our film, “Joint Effort” that won the National Film Challenge in 2013 and was screened at Cannes. For updates click the link below or here.

Check back for ongoing updates!

“Local filmmakers Katie Damien and Lela Winton are part of the Gorilla with a Mustache Films crew heading to the Cannes Film Festival (yes, the one in France) to screen their short comedy, Joint Effort.

The group will be in that glamorous locale, taking in wonderful films, eating French cheese and imbibing champagne and rubbing elbows with celebs, through Sunday, May 25. Damien and Winton will also be sending back updates — e-postcards, if you will. See info on the venue at the bottom of this post, and check back regularly for updates.” (From Alli Marshall’s blog)

Asheville filmmakers win big in National Film Challenge, will have movie screened at Cannes

| December 27, 2013

A team of Asheville filmmakers recently won big with their film entry in the 2013 National Film Challenge. Their movie,"Joint Effort", won the Best Film award and will go to the 2014 Cannes Film Festival for a special screening.

The movie was the work of Asheville'sGorilla With A Mustache Films, a five-person team of producers that includes the following: Lela Winton, Katie Damien, Eruch Adams, Coranna Adams, and Matt Shepard.

Joint Effort is a comedy about a package delivery gone horribly wrong. For the National Film Challenge, the group had one weekend to write, shoot, and edit the short film, then present it to the judges. Joint Effort won other awards. David Ostergaard won for Best Actor, while Eruch Adams and Will Eill won for Best Writer. Joint Effort also won the Best Use of Genre -Comedy award and was second runner-up for the Audience Choice Award. More here.
Here's the credit rundown for Joint Effort: Katie Damien, director, with Lela Winton as second unit director. Cinematograpy by Andy Crespo. Cast: David Ostergaard, Matt Shepard, Darren Marshall, and Adam Meier.
More about the National Film Challenge and the prizes awarded:
The best film is sent to the Cannes Film Festival and given a $3000 prize. GoPro, the title sponsor, is giving out another $3000 prize for the best use of a GoPro Camera in a movie. And the Audience choice winner receives $1000. The top 15 films are selected by judges for online voting determined by YouTube and Vimeo likes . Joint Effort was chosen as one of those top 15 films. The team of Asheville residents is undergoing a campaign to get the word out about the film and to encourage people to vote and to hopefully win the Audience Choice award.
Producer and director Katie Damien said, "There's some stiff competition in this contest. Overall the quality of all the top films is very high. I feel really honored to have our film chosen as one of the best!" Asheville might not be as big as Dallas or Paris, but we've got some really talented people here in the mountains.
About Gorilla with a Mustache Films:Established in 2010 when a group of producers collaborated on a 48 Hour Film Project. They won Best Picture for the city of Asheville. Heady with their recent victory (and drunk on their own sense of power), the group decided to pursue a feature film, as well as other short films. The Gorillas are currently in post-production on their first feature film One Hell of an Angel.
Joint Effort on IMDb:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3347134/combined
Company IMDb page:http://www.imdb.com/company/co0385222/
Gorilla with a Mustache on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/GorillaWithaMustache

Local film production company wins national film award

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A local film production company, Gorilla with a Mustache, has won a National Film Award, and the film, Joint Effort, heads to Cannes Film Festival in the next year for a special screening, according to gigspotting.net.

Here's more information from the official Gorilla with a Mustache website:
Joint Effort wins Best Film of 2013 National Film Challenge

Happy Holidays, and happy they are here at Gorilla With A Mustache as the awards for the 2013 National Film Challenge were anounced and Joint Effort won it's fair Share! '

Best Film

Audience Choice Award 2nd Runner Up

Best Actor David Ostergaard for his role as Carl

Best Writing- Eruch Adams & Will Eill for their joint effort on Joint Effort They tied for the award with Paul Jenkins, Adam Dukes, Daniel Montgomery for Farmer and the Fold by Whisper Productions

Best Use of Genre Comedy

And our prize as:Best Film of The National Film Challenge
  • $3,000 USD
  • Award Trophy
  • Screen at 48HFP Filmapalooza in 2014
  • Screen at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner
  • Free registration in the 2014 National Film Challenge

Gorilla with a Mustache has been a longtime participant and favorite of Asheville's 48-hour Film Project.
Here's more information on how the National Film Challenge works. It does seem like quite the challenge: Each team was given a weekend to put this film together, as well as certain elements line of dialogue, character and prop that had to be incorporated into one of two genres. Deadlines are my business, and I find that set of rules super intimidating. Congrats, you hairy apes!!

The 2013 National Film Challenge seeks audience votes

More than 120 films were submitted for the National Film Challenge. The jury narrowed that list to 15 currently being considered for Audience Choice voting. Among them is "Joint Effort" by Asheville team Gorilla with a Mustache. Voting is open through Wednesday, Dec. 18.

Watch "Joint Effort" below. View all 15 films and cast your vote on YouTube or Vimeo.

Gorilla With A Mustache wins National Film Challenge with "Joint Effort"

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National Film Challeng.jpg
The Gorilla With A Mustache Films team out of Asheville, North Carolina won the Best Film Award in the National Film Challenge 2013this week and the film will go on to the Cannes Film Festival this coming year for a special screening.

Their entry,Joint Effort, is a comedy about a package delivery gone wrong.

The team, in accordance with the National Film Challenge rules was given an assignment and had one weekend to write,shoot, and edit the short film, then present it to the judges. No small feat.

Other awards received for the film were: Best Actor - David Ostergaard, and Best WriterEruch Adams and Will EillforJoint Effort. Joint Effort also won the Best Use of Genre-Comedy award and 2nd Runner Up for the Audience Choice Award.

Gorilla With A Mustache Films is a 5 person team of producers: Lela Winton, Katie Damien, Eruch Adams, Coranna Adams, and Matt Shepard. They have participated in multiple 48 Hour Film Project competitions and now for the first time, the National Film Challenge. Each time the team was slightly different in regards to the cast and crew, but has always had the same core of producers.

Joint Effort was directed by Katie Damien with Lela Winton as second unit director. Cinematograpy by Andy Crespo. Cast: David Ostergaard, Matt Shepard, Darren Marshall., and Adam Meier.

ABC News story on WLOS
11pm news July 2, 2010

Morning Edition: Interview with Asheville Filmmaker, Katie Damien

Justin Souther (2012). Gorilla With a Mustache goes long. Mountain Express

While the name of Gorilla With a Mustache Productions may be new to many, those who follow the Asheville edition of the 48 Hour Film Project should already be aware of this group of filmmakers. Their short film Bump and entrant in last year's festival just made its appearance at the Charleston International Film Festival, while its 2010 entry Touched By Angels brought in a slew of awards, including Best Picture.

With that success, the crew which consists of director Katie Damien, Matt Shepard, Eruch Adams, Cory Adams and Lela Winton decided to take the original eight-minute-long Touched By Angels and give it the feature-length treatment. "We felt like we had momentum and confidence," said Shepard, actor and co-writer on the project, describing the decision to go longform to Xpress. Now, nearly two years later, and with a completely fleshed-out script, the Gorilla With a Mustache troupe is ready to take the next step.

The film can be best described as an ethereal buddy comedy, about a former demon and current angel-in-training (played by Shepard). With the aid of a much more happy-go-lucky, gregarious angel (played by Dave Dietrich), Shepard must help a washed up rockstar (Asheville bon vivant Kipper Schauer) write one last great song. While it's a simple foundation, Gorilla With a Mustache saw room to flesh out the film. "We just wanted to make this into a feature length," explained Shepard. "There's so much more to explore with the characters, and with what the characters are exploring about life and the universe."

That last part is important, since the movie has more on its mind than just laughs. "Ideas of reincarnation, and how Heaven and Hell are not forever places, evolution of the soul towards Nirvana. It takes a little more Eastern view," explains Shepard, but don't worry about getting bogged down in a theology lesson. "At the forefront, it's comedy."

The group has been taking donations and has a Kickstarter going for a little over the month to meet a modest budget that with the best case scenario will afford Touched By Angels a name Hollywood actor. Regardless, the production will be hectic one, with shooting happening over a few weeks over the summer in Asheville and the surrounding area. "It's going to be a fast and furious shoot with long days," Shepard points out. "We know that's what we have to do to make our film on such a tiny budget."

Touched By Angels is just a jumping-off point for Gorilla With a Mustache, a simple project these filmmakers want to tackle for the simple love of making movies, Shepard says. "I don't know what's going to happen with this. I'm going into this saying I want to do this, I want to make this happen. I want to make a movie, I want to be in a movie.
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