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Mountain Xpress blogger Alli Marshall is helping people follow the progress of Gorilla With a Mustache producers Katie Damien and Lela Winton as they represent our film, “Joint Effort” that won the National Film Challenge in 2013 and was screened at Cannes. For updates click the link below or here.

Check back for ongoing updates!

“Local filmmakers Katie Damien and Lela Winton are part of the Gorilla with a Mustache Films crew heading to the Cannes Film Festival (yes, the one in France) to screen their short comedy, Joint Effort.

The group will be in that glamorous locale, taking in wonderful films, eating French cheese and imbibing champagne and rubbing elbows with celebs, through Sunday, May 25. Damien and Winton will also be sending back updates — e-postcards, if you will. See info on the venue at the bottom of this post, and check back regularly for updates.” (From Alli Marshall’s blog)


Ship to Shore


May 21

Spent a great day with David and Tina in nearby Antibes while Billy Goodrum did photo shoots, dinners, press functions, etc.  I finally got to wear my Ship to Shore dress for a screening. I turned many a head in it.


Dress by R. Brooke Priddy, Ship to Shore

At the end of the day Lela and I  reconnected with our esteemed composer Billy Goodrum who you can see in red carpet photos standing next to Sophia Loren! I didn’t get to chat with her, but did speak with her director son who is charming and very nice even though he must have been exhausted. Billy, Lela and I went for drinks with the George Clooney of Italy, Enrico Lo Verso [see photo at top of page]. Oh la la was he handsome!  And so chivalrous, too. He escorted Lela and me home after he broke up a bar fight. What a man. — Katie




From left: Enrico Lo Verso, Lela, Katie, Billy Goodrum and friend


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